Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Titled: No Title

Wow, I'm just sooooo tired all the time. I ran out today for just a bit to find some fabric to re-cover the chairs in the dining room with (found some, and on sale to boot) and to make curtains out of (no luck here). Then to the store to re-fill my prescriptions and pick up various other sundries....and now, I'm plumb tuckered, as some Southern person somewhere has sometime said.

From 7 to 9 tonight there's an Argentinian tango/jazz thing at the library and Tony's plane comes in at 9:30. Am I gonna make it to the Argentinian thing? Not sure. I'd really like to sleep....

Was up way too late last night first talking to Denise about the art show stuff and her new job (go Denise!) and then researching new beds. We've decided we really do need one. Either that, or our nickname will be "pretzel people." I was thinking one of those Select Comfort Sleep Number beds, but after looking around, Comfortaire seems the way to go. Quite a bit cheaper and the guy who started SC actually started out at Comfortaire. So, basically the same product without all the Lindsay Wagner advertising overhead. Though, seriously, how much would her endorsement cost you??

I've read a TON of books in the last week or so. I guess because it kind of fits in with the whole "don't feel like doing anything" but still kind of doing something. At least, I don't feel as bad when I've read a book vs. just zoning out. 'Cause trust me, I could zone. I've pretty much done a book a day, sometimes more. Of course, I should be actually writing instead, but suffice it to say I am feeling grandly uninspired and the words that come out....eh, pretty much the same. I've never been able to fully figure out whether it is worth it to just force myself to write anyway when I know I'll have to re-write whole chunks. Anyway.

So...last night I finished Fly by Night (Harding -- very awesome. Definitely a new author to watch). Today I've gotten half way through The Year the Gypsies Came (I'd probably be farther along if it weren't kind of depressing). Before that, I'd finished off Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn, Theodora Twist, Secrets of My Hollywood Life (which I happily finished before the chat with the author), Grand & Humble (Hartinger, who is a heckuva nice guy), and Avi's Strange Happenings. I think I'm forgetting one or two. I need to finish off Gideon, the Cutpurse (what's up with Gideon's lately? It's not exactly a common name...) and A Brief Chapter In My Impossible Life.

Boy, it really would be nice if you got paid to read. I would be a kazillionaire. Perhaps my greatest talent is reading -- I can read fast and retain the whole thing -- and I don't speed read (don't really believe in it). But I read faster than most speed readers. This, of course, drove Tony absolutely insane when we had college classes together. For an average size book, like any of the above (save for Fly By Night, which was a little longer), I can read the whole thing within 3 hours. Approximately 100 pages an hour.

This talent, of course, doesn't work very well with, say, actuarial books. Or tax law. But it's still pretty handy.

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