Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Maybe tea makes you sick. Yesterday, I woke up with a little bit of a sore throat, so I drank tea ALL day and even took a bit of Nyquil before bed. Today, I wake up and I can't hardly swallow. Grrr. But I actually got an appointment at a new Dr. (one recommended by Mary) for this afternoon. I didn't think I could get in to a new one, so that's pretty good. I really didn't want to go back to the old one.

I hope it isn't anything big or bad and ugly. I'm about sick of being sick.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Death Be Not Proud...

Actually, I'm not writing anything remotely related to John Donne, but I had a really exciting idea for a new book. I'm not going to put much about it here now, still in the very amoeba stage, but I will say that Death's in there, and he's nothing like you thought he'd be.

I feel a little stalled out on Abigail. I've written some more, but it just doesn't feel like it is flowing. Maybe it is time to shift gears. Of course, my writing has been low...between feeling like dog-doo and having visitors, there just hasn't been much time.

The new pill seems to be better than the last (ha, not that it could have been much worse), but I've still got some nausea (mostly A.M. and P.M.) and the headaches. Oh, man, the headaches.

I NEED to do some work on the art show stuff (tomorrow, I think) and hopefully maybe Pam will help me out on some database bits, since Denise doesn't have much time anymore.

Had a good visit with Pam and Mark. He's a nice guy. They're just going to have an interesting time with the whole cross-country romance thing. That's tough, especially since Pam and heavy traffic don't get on well. We did a few things while they were here (KY Derby museum, Huber Winery) and had a barbecue (Tony's aunt and uncle were also in town, staying with his mom). The weather actually dropped cool enough to watch movies in the backyard. So after the ribs and chicken, we watched Matchmaker and then Adventures in Babysitting. It was fun. I love the whole big-screen-in-the-backyard thing.