Sunday, December 03, 2006


It's December. How can it be December? Yikes. As I get older, the time just goes faster and faster. There's never enough time.

We've shown the house to a few groups of people. We were thinking of doing an open house this weekend but Tony had too much work to do, so we didn't. The relocation people are supposed to call soon, so things may start moving faster once that happens. The flyers from the info tube have been disappearing at a regular rate. I keep wondering if I should add some more pictures. If people have seen other houses in the neighborhood, they might not realize how much better shape this one is in. We'll see. I guess I'll wait to see what the relocation people have to say.

I've been working on the art show stuff and on the Cybils nominees and some reviews for TokyoPop. I've got a TON of reviews to catch up on and a bunch of prize books to mail out. It's neverending sometimes.

The visit with Pedro and Jamie was really nice. We did all kinds of stuff -- checked out the Zoo (bigger than we'd thought it would be), did the Woodford tour, went to Morton's and Lynn' was fun. It was great to see them again. Nice to be able to do stuff with people. There aren't many people we do things with in Louisville, other than Rich and Bob next door. Moving to Chicago will be a huge improvement, since Tony already knows so many people up there. Maybe we'll actually have parties again! :-)

I got the Christmas cards almost all finished this weekend. Just a few more addresses I need to get and then I'll be done. Tony, of course, worked all weekend.

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