Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Last nights

Bits of randomness...

Tomorrow Tony is off again to Chicago. We have a lot of last nights now -- though, on the bright side, that also means we have a lot of first nights when he comes back.

We've been watching a lot of Netflix movies lately. The other night we watched Tortilla Soup, which I hadn't realized was essentially the exact same movie (just Latino vs. Japanese) as Eat, Drink, Man, Woman. Kind of surreal to see them both, especially since it wasn't long ago that we saw the other one. There were things I liked about both versions, though I'd probably recommend the Tortilla Soup one to English speakers since you don't have to muddle through the sub-titles that way.

Last night, we watched the Director's Cut of Bladerunner. I hadn't seen the movie in so long I couldn't really point out the differences. Still, a great picture. Someday I need to read the book.

Tony is still working on the puzzle that Lisa got him for his birthday. It's called the Shipper's Dillemna. You have to fit 3 different sized blocks of wood into one cube without any left over. He's gotten close, but not quite there yet. Good thing he likes puzzles.

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Jeffer said...

I read "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" last year. One of those rarest of rarities where the book and the movie are both classics, distinctly carving out different paths. Beware though, you may walk around for a week afterwards wondering just what the hell around you is real. This is what PKD does, as I'm told. He was deeply disturbed (the real-live, medical condition kind) and he had the writing gift to make others feel the same way!