Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday's Child

It doesn't really feel like Christmas time to me yet. Maybe it's because of Tony being gone so much traveling. Or the general unsettled feeling I have. Or the fact that I'm having a very un-inspired shopping year. Or maybe just because I can't seem to sleep at night anymore. No idea.

I really, really need to do some shopping though. I'm thinking maybe tomorrow. It's really gross out today. But, its supposed to be gross out tomorrow too. It isn't that cold, but it is rainy and just generally dreary.

I have a few more things to mail too -- I guess I can get those ready today and then send them out tomorrow. I need to check the PO Box anyway, since we asked that some things be shipped there so wouldn't have to worry about packages being left out on the porch. Someone stole two boxes of padded envelopes the other day. I'm sure it wasn't what they were expecting to get. I didn't even report, though I know I should. I've just given up. The police never respond unless it's something serious -- so if no gun was involved, you might as well just give it up.

I should go on a wrapping spree. Half of the stuff under the tree isn't wrapped since it's stuff we got from people in the mail and I didn't want to open the boxes in case they weren't wrapped (I know the stuff Pam sent isn't; she's not a wrapper). One thing has already been unwrapped, and it wasn't my fault. Auntie Dot sent some Chinese beef jerky (love that stuff) and I didn't realize that's what it was until I discovered that Harley had helped himself. He went through the wrapping paper and the plastic. The little bugger. I should know better, but I didn't get any hint through the sniff test. He's sneaky.

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