Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Crazy Busy Times

I spent almost all day yesterday trying to deal with my car title situation. We'd paid off the car in October but I never got my title. So I call the Clerk's Office and they say to bring down my lien release letter and I'll be good to go. So I go down there (in the freezing cold, I might add) and wait in line for an hour. To have the lady tell me that they no longer accept the letters, but instead need a form tc-something-or-other from the former lienholder that has the EXACT SAME INFORMATION as the letter I'm holding in my hot little hands. And after I get that, I have to fill out another from in triplicate and have it notarized and then bring it all back.

So I call Chase and they fax it to me and hopefully I'll get the rest of that straightened out today, if I can find a notary.

And I'm packing. Which is a pain. And feeling really weird for no apparent reason (this started on Sunday -- I woke up feeling like I had vertigo; can't move my head too fast; no balance, etc. And it keeps coming and going. My eyes even went all wonky for a bit.).

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love you