Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I have no title today

It seems that no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to get myself into a normal sleep schedule anymore. I lie awake all night dreadfully sleepy, but not sleeping. Maybe when we move to Chicago and gain an hour it will help.

We're officially listed with a realtor now. It just seems so unreal sometimes. Not sure why. But doesn't the house sound great? Well, it is great. I'm sad to leave the house behind. Not Louisville, but definitely the house.

Today I really need to return some things to Value City that didn't fit Tony. And maybe call around and see if I can find an antiques dealer to give us a quote on buying a few things. Maybe transfer some money around. We've had double our normal expenses for the last few months due to a family situation and we're getting to the not-very-much-ready-cash stage. Tony's thinking about cashing in some stock but I hate for him to do that when the stock price really isn't at it's best. We've already decided to sell the knockdown armoires because the chance of them fitting into whatever new house we buy (and I mean literally fitting in; they are really tall) is pretty slim. So maybe I could sell them early. I dunno. I think we're actually going to try and sell a bunch of the furniture. It will reduce moving expenses and a lot of it really isn't worth moving or is too hard to move.

Like the new armoire in our bedroom. Great piece, but we had such a time getting it up the stairs and we don't want to go throug that in reverse. The last thing you want to do is damage walls as you're moving out of a house. So I'm hoping that whoever buys the house will buy it from us.

Maybe we'll have an estate sale or something like that. There are only a few pieces of furniture that I'm definitely keeping no matter what: our hall tree, our china cabinet/bookcase, my reproduction record player... I guess the rest is fair game. And I think I want to keep the desk I'm using currently as a makeup table. I got it from Arhaus. Not sure about the half-round leather topped desk. It's nice but not very practical. It's really a writing desk vs. a working desk and who knows if we'll have space for that kind of thing. Definitley not moving the desk on the 3rd floor though; it is ancient and falling apart. Some college student can buy it from me for $50. Same with the bookcases up here. Though I'll definitely need new ones when we move. I just don't think it is worth moving these.


It's all just stuff, I suppose. It is hard to decide what to keep and what to sell. What are the things that make our house -- our house? There are pieces that I like, such as that antique settee, but are hard to move and not very practical. If we mind up in a much smaller house, what do we do with it after we've paid to move it? I don't know. On the one hand, it seems like a good idea to just purge and start fresh. On the other...

Tony, of course, doesn't dwell on stuff like this. He doesn't get attached to things and that's probably the way I should be.

So I'm almost done with the "price list" so that prospective buyers of the house can check out a menu of furnishings and decide what they might want. Just not sure if I should try and sell some things ahead of time to pull in some extra cash. Maybe I'll have a few eBay auctions for smaller things. I don't know. Don't want to deal with shipping stuff, not really.

We did have a U of L professor's wife stop by this past week to see the house. She seemed to like it and they want to see it again once the professor is back in town. He's actually a new VP over there at U of L. They have two kids. And a guy who lives on 4th street across from the park is interested -- he wants to downsize (so he must have one of those huge mansions).

I just generally feel discombobulated. Isn't that a great word? I also feel like a teenager again...the hugest pimple of all time is lurking on my chin. What is up with that? I didn't get pimples this huge when I was a teenager. Tony says maybe it is just stress. I don't know.

Sometimes, I'd like to change places with Grace or Harley for a day. Probably Grace. Harley is too high strung. But Grace...she's like napping flubber.

P.S. Hey Pam, I'm thinking about you. Love ya. Hug Ra and let him lick all over your face.

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