Monday, January 08, 2007

Looking up...

Things on the house side are looking up. Last week saw a lot of calls and two groups came out this weekend -- a couple from LA on Saturday and a lady from Michigan (transferred in from Ford) on Sunday. Also got a call from a U of L professor (this house would be perfect for a professor). I'll just be happy if we can sell it to someone who wants to live in the house vs. someone who wants to rent it out. But mostly we just want to sell it, though we aren't in a huge rush. Being in a rush only gets you in trouble.

Jameson and Fred are back in today doing some painting and staining. The staircase is really looking good. Once the newels are on, it's going to be great. We should have done this ages ago, we just had thought we'd be doing a total refinish.

Mom is in a good mood too -- even though Watson's car got hit around New Year's (but they found out who did it) -- she's psyched 'cause they are going to move into a new apartment soon with more space. Pam's friend Jay is buying a place and is going to rent it to them. It works out for him too -- he knows he's getting a renter that will take care of things and probably, if anything, improve it. So that's really good news. I'm happy for her. They've had quite a time with different health problems and stuff like that, so this is good. And I think it will mean less stairs for Watson, which is good. He's had surgery on his knees this past year...I think more than once.

That's about it for now. I dropped Tony off at the airport again this morning. I just had him for the weekend. *sigh*. He'll be in Chicago until Friday. And tonight is the Gator bowl game for the championship. I hope they win. Otherwise, it's just as well he's in another state.

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Let me know when you have the pictures posted.