Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Lazy Sunday

We got new phones yesterday -- LGVX8600 (I think -- why don't companies give things real names instead of numbers?). About time for me since my cell phone has been broken for months. We're keeping our old phone numbers (FL numbers) until we move to Chicago and then we'll do the big switcheroo.

There's someone coming over to see the house this afternoon at four. The wife of a professor at UofL -- they just relocated here from Texas. Be perfect for someone like that...literally two blocks to work. So hopefully they like it. We'll see.

We're hanging out upstairs. Tony is working, as always. I have a flat, round cushion on my desk next to me so that Grace can hang here with us and sleep but not get in the way. If there's a pillow, she'll stay on it. Otherwise, she tries lying on the keyboard. It's cute. She's snoring.

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