Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Packing, packing, and more packing

We have a lot of stuff. We're getting rid of quite a bit, but we're actually to the point now where some of it I'm just packing to deal with later. That means 3 boxes marked "Misc. Crap -- Stuff to File Later." The third floor is just about done though, including the attic space. Just need another box or two to finish it off. And I'll pack up the desktop computer sometime next week.

On the second floor, not too much to do at all. Just the bathroom stuff (next week) and two mantle's worth of knick-knacks. I'd packed up just about all the clothes earlier when we thought we'd be moving to a temporary apartment.

Been getting rid of stuff via Craigslist too -- some for sale, some for free. I posted up free magazines and was amazed at how many people responded to that. Wound up giving them out to 3 different people, including, coincidentally enough, the wife of a guy that actually got up all our leaves this past winter. Small world.

May be selling the file cabinet and fountain too. Someone should be coming tomorrow for the file cabinet. Not sure about the lady for the fountain. She emailed asking if I'd take $130 and then haven't heard back since I responded to her.

Kicking up all the dust has been killing my allergies. And my back is getting worn down every day. Taking a pill during the day now too, not just one at night. But trying to hold off until I need to take one. Trying not to move too much, but just stacking boxes and and moving stuff around is getting to me. Doesn't take a lot these days. I'm broken. But mostly it is going okay.

Hopefully the car will be done soon. Kind of one funny thing -- they'd put the wrong car model number on the new trunk lid. So it said SLK 230 instead of SLK 320. I was like...uh...that'll be a problem whenever we want to sell it or trade it in, dontcha think?

The house is officially sold to Cartus, so we should have the equity check very soon. The rest of the relocation money we don't want paid out until after we move --- KY taxes are killer. Illinois is much better. I'm guessing it is better all the way around, so far as I can tell.

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