Thursday, October 18, 2007

Soap, soap, soap

I made soap yesterday with Erin, one of our neighbors. She's also at home during the day and she was interested in learning how. We had a lot of fun. It's more fun to do projects with someone than alone. She'll be back today this afternoon when it is time to cut the soap.

She's a nice lady and just unloaded a bunch of maternity clothes on me, which was nice. I don't think I'll have to buy much now. She's close to my height (a bit taller) and has two young boys. Real cuties.

We made two batches of soap. One has shea butter and rose hip oil (and cinnamon fragrance and red kaolin clay) as the non-standard ingredients (by non-standard, I mean not one of the base oils I use: castor, palm, olive, coconut, etc.) and the other was Illipe butter and tea tree oil. Hopefully they all come out alright.

I should make up another batch or two to use up some more of the oils I have. They don't last indefinitely. In a "it's a small world" note, Erin's husband is a chemist and he works for the same company that I'd bought most of the oils from. Bizarre.


Alyssa said...

How fun! I love making soap, in fact my mom has made a buisness out of it. Just so you know palm and coconut oil do have a shelf life of about a year, so don't feel like you have to use those right away. :-)

Kimberly Pauley said...

Oh it's lots of fun :-) My problem is that the oils I have are just about a year old now, so I really do need to make up a few more batches soon. Maybe this week. I just need to find a good place for essential oils.