Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And a general malaise struck him by surprise

This has been a strange couple of weeks. Some good things, but some very bad things too. My Auntie Dot died. She had been fighting cancer for over a year, so it wasn't unexpected, but it was still a blow. She was really a driving force in the family and it is hard to imagine the family without her. And then this Saturday, Tony's Aunt Teresa died unexpectedly. She was only 47 and one of the sweetest, nicest people you could ever meet.

Tony drove over for the funeral (it's tomorrow), but I couldn't go since Mom & Watson & Pam are arriving by plane tomorrow for Thanksgiving (and, for the record, no, mom, I don't need Watson to drive). Just such a crazy time. And meanwhile, the baby has been kicking away, doing the rumba or swimming laps or something like that. Little reminders of life and wonder amid the sadness of death.

And I'm still all stuffed up, though my cold or whatever it is hasn't gotten any worse. It just hasn't gotten any better. I imagine it would be rather comforting right now to be a bear and go into hibernation for a little while.

But first I need to finish washing the sheets and towels and cleaning out the refrigerator before everyone gets here.


Trish said...

I'm so sorry to hear about yours & Tony's aunts. That is always so hard at the holidays.

I do have a possible explanation for your cold though -- have you heard of pregnancy rhinitis yet? I never did either until I had the cold that wouldn't go away and I found a blurb on it online. Something to do with mucous membranes and lower immune function, blah blah blah. Also, there's a pregnancy gingivitis! Such fun!

Have a safe & delicious Thanksgiving!

Kimberly Pauley said...

Hmmmm, that could be it. I swear, pregnancy should come with a warning label. :-)

Rikki said...

Thanks from mom and me for your kind words about Aunt Teresa. We love you and think you are so sweet. I know she thought the world of you two. Hope you get to feeling better. Take care of my nephew!