Friday, November 06, 2009

I don't like to rhyme

I'm not a rhyming poet;
heck, I'm not much of a poet at all.
but I hate to rhyme...
it makes me feel silly
and inadequate
and stuck...what if I want to talk about oranges?
Or pickles?
I'd be trapped making references to Don Rickles
(not that there's anything wrong with him;
he's funny in his own way...
but a poem about him? No, no...I'd say 'no way'
but then I'd be rhyming again
and let's not go there...)
There are poets out there
that can make beautiful rhymes...
twisting their stanzas into
intricate little works of art.
But I am a clumsy poet--
and lazy, true--
So I am quite happy to leave
all the rhyming to you.

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