Friday, November 06, 2009

Itchy Fingers

I have itchy fingers tonight.
I need to write a poem...
but this won't be it.

I need to say those things
that can't be said
or unsaid

So I will whisper them
into my pillow

and pray it has patience with me.

(Okay, so where have I been? All over. Mostly at my main author-ly website and somewhat on our family blog and also wasting gobs of time I can't afford to waste on Twitter and Facebook. So why am I here now? Because I've been posting poems randomly on Facebook and it occurred to me that I do have a better place to put them. This was always my personal blog full of randomness and disconnectedness. Which rather perfectly describes my poetry. Above was tonight's poem--I call these little poem-lets brain dump poetry because they are a) unedited, b) written within the space of 5 minutes or less and c) intended not for publication or show, but just to...well, be. I'll probably post the others that I've been posting on Facebook [also for peace of mind, since you never know what they're gonna do] too, over time. I suppose I could just file them away on my computer in a folder labeled poetry, but they seem so lonely that way. And besides, it's been so long since I posted here that I don't think anyone actually ever reads it anymore. And that's fine. If you -- whoever you are -- do happen upon these random musings, please as Puck says, do forgive.)

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