Friday, November 06, 2009

My Best Poems

(originally posted on Oct 15, 2009, over on Facebook)

I haven't written a poem down in months

(though before that,
years -- let's be honest;
I am a poet of little stamina
and only the barest of intentions)

even though rare bits of
mismatched stanzas and
utter silliness
drift through my mind
at the strangest times
but always,
without a pen to be found.

Had a nice one in my head
all last night --
Oh, it was a beauty
how those words fit together,
waking me up
with their brilliant finery
but not enough to
actually get up out of bed,
out of the warmth
and the snuggle of the boy
...not to mention the electric blanket.
And then morning came.
Not a stitch of it was left.

My best poems,
I suppose,
are only for me.

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