Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I recently realised that I now know more Japanese than Chinese, which is really kind of sad. Not that I can speak Japanese, but I've watched so much anime now that I've picked up some words and phrases.

That's kinda pathetic.

I have really been on a binge though. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I haven't really read for "just" pleasure much in recent years. I'm usually reading for research purposes (even if a lot of that reading is fiction in whichever genre I'm working in). I definitely can't say any of the manga I've been devouring has anything at all to do with my writing, though I would actually love to see the Hildie book as a graphic novel (but it would be a very non-manga-isn one). And I've mostly been reading and/or watching lighter "slice of life" romance-y type of things. Definitely not what I'm writing right now.

That could be why the Death book has been on my mind, as it fits more into that mold, though not at all neatly (and no, spellcheck, I'm going to leave that spelled the US way and not go the UK route of "mould" because it's my blog and I CAN).

Meanwhile, my office really is a complete mess. I need to take a day or two and just completely demolish it and throw away a bunch of stuff and do some filing. Re-organize. Have had very little get up and go though.

Weird health issues popping up again, including high blood pressure, which I've never had, and other mystery ailments. I'm not sure if that's why I've been so tired or if it is something else entirely.

Also not sure why I'm sitting here blogging instead of trying to get some writing done. The Hildie book is killing me. I keep writing in things that I don't have in the outline and then having to work around it. I think the middle bit of this book is going to be a hot mess. Going to be?? No, is. Totally is. Also the slowest I've ever written. I've had some 1000 word days but also a fair amount under 500. It does make me wonder if I should just work on something else for awhile, but I KNOW that the middle bits are always my problem parts. I'm just not sure why this particular book is being so horribly hard to get out.

All the Chicago parts actually came out pretty quickly and flowed nicely. But now that I'm at the scenes in London, it's stuttering along with lots of false starts and baby steps. Horrible.
Anyway...enough. Things to do.

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