Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yeah, so...Death

So here I am, writing on the book I'm not supposed to be. I started off working on Hildie like a good little author -- the book I really need to finish. But this scene still isn't going anywhere. I can't see it. I'm not going to call it writer's block because I don't really believe that exists. But whatever it is, it just isn't working right now. Not sure if it's the characters or the story isn't where it needs to be or what, but something is off.


So I opened up Death's Door. It's death, you know, and romance too. First love and sadness, sweetness and loss. And some funny bits, because I can't ever write without that.

It's only at about 14,000 words but somehow it has been in my head lately, so there you go.

And damn it, I can see them.

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