Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Better, maybe

One. Gave up on the idea of that job as it wasn't worth it. Pay wasn't enough to offset the likely childcare issues, especially after taxes. Generally speaking, nothing at which I am good at or inclined to do pays enough to make it worthwhile going after, at least not while Max is young. If I could find some project work or something like that, it would be good. The problem being, again, that everything I'm good at (i.e. writing / editing / etc) pays essentially nothing.

Not that continuing to write books is really any better as I don't think I've even earned out my advance on my last one and likely will never earn it out on my third one (as lovely & fun as that book was). If you think about it in a number of hours vs. income produced kind of way, it's absolute rubbish. Worse than rubbish. Logically, it's stupid. Spock would be face-palming me.


Two. All that said, am feeling a bit better about the book. I think it is salvageable. I think I can do it. I think that, right now, it is weak and it needs help. But there are parts that are good. And once it is done, it could really work. Some of the characters are great. Others just aren't there yet. But it isn't hopeless.

I am trying to be hopeful.

I am also freaking out about things that I am not allowed to talk about at all, so there's that. Not that anyone sees this, but still, it's technically out there on the wild and wooly Internet. So no peeps from me.

But. Oy.

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