Thursday, January 14, 2016


Wound up working on some images for Tony the other day, so not a lot of forward progress (though there was reading and getting acclimated again). Also figured out some things about character motivation (in my head), so that's progress too. A lot of writing isn't necessarily on the page, but somewhere in the grey matter. Squishy.

Today at the Brand Exchange. Time to get back into it. Goal to get past 10K. Well past, I hope. Update later.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Holidays are over. Max is back to school. I am almost feeling human again (long story -- it has been an odyssey of doctor appointments and medication and has so far summed up to really, really low vitamin D and really quite high blood pressure coupled with (probably) an ulcer or possibly gallstones or other horrors. I now take a cocktail of pills upon rising in the morning.) and have even ventured out of the house without falling over.

So, back to writing. Have promised myself a treat. Will buy a Sims 3 add on once I've finished 40K on this book. Starting today at 9630.

Also need to write a bit on the thing David and I are lobbing back and forth together.

Starting today by reading through what I've got so far on Maxtorious.