Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Getting a late start today, though I have no excuse at all as Max is off on his first overnight school adventure. I am distracted by everything today. Marley snoring. Music that doesn't quite seem right. Gotta get my head into the game. So. Need to get to it.

16 School days left to go, though 2 of those have Sports Day and the School Fair in them and one is only a half day. So really more like 14 days.

Goal word count is around 45K. So roughly 12,000 words to go. That's enough days to do it in if I get my 1000 in a day. Though there are some edits I'll need to make to have a solid draft. I need to get a 1000 in today if I can but at least 500.

Will update later.

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