Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tappity tap

It feels like forever (but really hasn't been) since I've typed anything. I did go into the British Library last week and meet with Tracey and write (on the Death Book aka The Never List). But life has been a bit crazier than normal. Niece was over to visit her UK boyfriend who had a collapsed lung (and who has since broken up with her after she went back to NYC -- just a very odd situation). Little dude was first sick and missed some school and now he's got a broken nose from taking a cricket ball to the face. It's just been one small disaster after another. And I haven't been sleeping well (perhaps due to the highest pollen count in 12 years) and feel rather dreadful...though I can't complain at all since little dude has an actual broken nose. At any rate, it's been a time.

I've been trying to work myself off of one medication (the stomach one) but that's meant a dodgy tummy too. I might have to go back on it. I need to actually go to the doctor and see about it all. Though I really don't wanna do the colonoscopy thing again...blergh.

I'm feeling very disorganised and scatterbrained. And tired.

And my office is a mess.

And I have a short story to write by 1st July.

I do actually have an idea for it. I lost the bet again and Catherine gave me the title this year (Audible Magic). I want to try something romantic and not fantasy for it. We'll see if it works.

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