Tuesday, October 12, 2004

It's good to have goals...

So instead of having little sticky notes pasted up all over the place, I thought I'd get my goals for the week down in here. We'll see how that works. I'm going to try and be reasonable though...if I set too many goals for one week, it's doubtful that I'll get them all done and then, once you get that ball rolling...
  1. Send off wine shop article to Tampa Bay Metro magazine. Keep fingers crossed.
  2. Write up article on Bonaire restaurant.
  3. Re-write second chapter of "Sylvie."
  4. Work on query letter for Organic Style.
  5. Get organized with all the various writing projects I've currently got going, pick one novel and work on it, by god.

There's also miscellaneous things that I need to do...

  • E-mail David & Cindy and tell them how nice it was to meet them and that I hope I didn't talk their ears off, since I was a wee bit tipsy from all the good wine
  • Find a job for Pedro!! (does anyone need a really good networking guy?)
  • Support Tony in his quest for greater meaning in his job
  • Find a good date to do a Team Dinner to promote greater togetherness...or, lacking that, to at least have a really good meal
  • Cancel the appointment with the home appraiser guy and just pray that no more hurricanes come
  • Call Sharlene and figure out when my hair appointment is

I'm sure there's a bunch of other things I need to do, but small steps, man, small steps.

Tonight is pottery class. I hope that they actually fired some of my pieces. I want to see how they come out, the lumpy things. More later.

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