Tuesday, October 19, 2004

When will I not be tired anymore?

I swear I just can't get enough sleep anymore. I'm always tired. I did go to the gym this morning, but not until a bit later than normal (6:30 rather than 5:30). Poor Tony headed off at 5:30 to work to try and make up for the lost time when we go to Chicago. I feel bad for my poor hubby. I'm sure he's even more tired than I am. He just hides it better, except for the occassional crankiness.

I sent off a query to the Times and got a response back that they were interested in the article idea, just not sure there was time to do it (being holiday themed), but that I should send in some clips. Haven't heard anything else back yet. So, luck to me.

Pottery class tonight. I wish I'd glazed something last week now. But, maybe I can finish up a bunch of pieces this time instead.

Found a goblin cheese ball recipe for the Halloween potluck. Very cute.

Went on an ordering spree too. Well, maybe not a spree, considering most of it was for Thanksgiving. Ordered the heritage turkey from HeritageUSA, two racks of venison and 3 tubs of duck fat from D'Artagnan, The Big Night movie from Sam Goody, the Big Night Soundtrack from Tower Records and also The Man on Fire Soundtrack, and a cookbook from Amazon I found references to when I was searching for info on heritage turkeys. I think that's it. Geez, I hope so.

I'll have to look back at my to-do list and see what else I'm missing. I did stop and get more cat food on the way home. Lucky little buggers. They're liking this all wet food diet.

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