Thursday, April 07, 2005

Here I am, awake again...

By all rights, I should be dead asleep and snoring right now. Loudly, since my allergies have kicked up a notch since Spring came on. But I'm not. Sigh. Someday, I will learn how to turn my brain off.

So, instead I've been updating my blogs. Yes, that's right, blogs. There's The Pauley's Go to Louisville and now also the YA Books Central Blog. As if I didn't have enough ways to procrastinate.

I just posted a bunch of pictures on the YA Books blog. All horrible pictures of me. I seriously need to do something about that, but I suppose it will have to wait until I can actually bend and move from side to side. Kind of hard to exercise when you can only bend forward approximately one inch.

I found Pam's blog tonight. I think I was only getting some of her e-mails for some reason. My Yahoo account is sometimes kind of flakey and doesn't deliver messages for no apparent reason -- not even to the dreaded Bulk Mail folder. And yeesh, I get about 300 bulk mails a day in that account. Ridiculous.

Anyway, about Pam's blog. She sounds like she is doing well. And working hard. Meeting people. All that good stuff. Still looking for love. I wish her luck.

Oh, and I got my birthday present from Lisa today (my birthday was Jan 24, but all the moving stuff was going on). Some really cute brass placecard holders in the shape of little birdies. Very cute. I'd given placecard holders as a gift idea back at Christmas and she's given me three different sets now, which is cool because I can have 4 different dinner parties and never use the same set (I had one set before). But sooner or later I'll have to give her a new idea or I'll run out of dinner guests before I run out of placecard holders. Should be easy enough to do, since we've got a huge old house to fill with stuff now.

I could probably blather on for a good while longer, but I really do have to try and get some sleep. Busy day tomorrow--have to file a bunch of junk & clean the office, go to the chiropractor, go to the allergist, and then Tony's mom is coming in around 7ish.

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