Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I miss wine.

*Sigh*. I'm really missing wine with dinner. These pain pills are for the birds. Non-wine-drinking-birds at that. I'd love a Cabernet Franc or a Malbec or a Petit Verdot or shoot, right now I think I'd even take a crappy Merlot. Or heaven forbid, a white zin. Well, maybe not. I don't think I've sunk that low quite yet. Give me another week or two of no wine and we'll see.

I'm still wearing the TENS thingy. Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz.

I sent some ideas off to the lady at the LEO today, worked on my YA Books site a bit (finally fixed at least part of a pesky search problem), and made a CD for DangerSpouse. Oh, and I mailed prize books at the Post Office and washed clothes. Tony was running out of underwear and we can't have that, now can we? I'm going to try and write some more today, my main problem has been that I can't seem to sit for longer than 10 minutes without my entire right leg falling asleep or getting all tingly. Lovely back problems. I am really too young for this. Is there someone I can talk to? Is there someone in charge here?


I think I've given up on newspapers. They never respond to anything. I think I could write in with "I'm DeepThroat's love child and I know the real truth about W's daughters." and they still wouldn't respond. Oh well. Like Tony says, I'm here to work on my book.

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