Monday, April 18, 2005

Manic Monday

WIP: 3081 + 644 = 3725 (46,275 to go)

Busy bee kind of day today. Called all around scheduling the PODs, movers, the designer, deliveries...all kinds of things. And got allergy shots, washed clothes, had lunch with Tony, got a permit from Public Works for a no-parking zone to be set up in front of our house for our moving stuff...busy day.

I need to stockpile a bunch of book reviews this week too so that the YA site will pretty much run itself for a week or two, since we'll be doing moving stuff and unpacking. I can't wait to get out of the apartment and into the house!!!! And I just want my stuff back. I'm tired of beige. Everything in this apartment is beige. There's no color here except for the stock artwork on the walls.


Kim said...

I have no idea how you get it all done! Good luck with the move, and keep up the great work. I love reading your book reviews.

Oh, your Picard pic below reminds me of a great business book I read...oh, maybe 12 years ago?? It had something to do with leadership Star Trek style. I wish I had it. I let a friend borrow know how those things go.

Kimberly Pauley said...

Shoot, I don't know how you get any writing done with 3 kids! 2 cats and a husband keep me busy enough. :-)