Monday, April 11, 2005

Novel Status...

Well....when I started this A.M., there was a measley 895 words typed up. I'm up to 1623 now. Going to take a brief break to run to the chiropractor and then get a bit more down. Maybe a detour into fleshing out the outline.

It does make me wonder if I should work on something else, but I think I'll go with my gut on this one. I've got 12,881 words into In the Balance (fantasy, possibly YA) and 8,441 into Abigail and the Fairy Queen (YA fantasy). 1,323 into Sylvie (general fiction), an even 1,000 into Earlene's Dead; The Pickup Got Her (adult chick-lit-ish), 1,597 into Starting Tomorrow (romance), and 1,502 into Splittsville (adult chick-lit-ish?). Too many stories kicking around in my head, and that's just the ones I've got down on paper. Definitely time to just pick one. This Bites it is.

I need around 50,000ish words, since this is a YA novel. I'm going for something along the lines of Royally Jacked, which clocks in at 208 pages. Multiply that by 250 (avg. word count per page) and that gives you 52,000 words.

So, as of this moment, 48,377 words to go to get to 50,000.

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