Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sigh. My butt is sopping wet.

Yep, that's right. My butt is currently sporting a nice big wet spot. One of the things I'm supposed to be doing for my back is wearing an ice pack, so I've been walking around with a ziploc baggie full of ice stuffed down my pants (works much better with pants than with shorts, let me tell you). Well, I think it's time to retire this particular baggie since it's leaked all over me. I just know that the Fed Ex delivery guy will show up at any minute. That's just the way these things work.

And yeah, I could change into another pair of pants, but that would require getting up and going upstairs and leaving the laptop where I've finally just settled down to write.

The Tequila Update

It seems I was caught up in the guy's spam filter, so they don't hate me or anything. In fact, so far they seem to like what I've sent in for the content update for Pepe Lopez. It's going fairly well. I'm not actually a huge tequila drinker (is anyone?), but I do know quite a bit about parties, so that part is shaping up nicely. 2,654 words and counting. I need to finish that up this week if I can.

This Bites (WIP) Update

So I haven't really written much in my WIP since I've been busy with the tequila thing and unpacking (all the clothes are FINALLY unpacked!!! -- which reminds me, I seriously need to purge my closets. I've got way too much stuff from the 80's and I hope to god that stuff never comes back into fashion). But, I have had a few mental breakthroughs (the vamp. love interest taking my heroine to see someone "turned", a reference to Countess Bathory, "what, am I going to be tested on this??"), so there's some progress. I hope to actually work on it some today. I kind of hate it when someone asks me what my novel is about, since it's technically a vampire story. I know they've been done to death, but I'm doing something different (so sayeth everyone, yeah, yeah, I know) and funny. More Todd Strasser, Niki Burnham, and Cameron Dokey smooshed together than Anne Rice, if you know what I mean. And if you do, you probably read as many YA novels as I do.

In non-writing, non-health related news...

I've come to believe that my husband and I are the last people on the planet who do not watch reality TV. I've never seen an episode of Survivor or any of the I-can't-find-a-mate-on-my-own-so-let-me-debase-myself-on-TV shows. In fact, since we moved into the house at the end of April, we haven't even plugged in the TV. We're even thinking about just keeping one TV in the house instead of two (in the bedroom, for when you're folding clothes and things). They just don't fit in well in a Victorian house.

It's just weird. I don't get the whole reality TV thing at all. It's so unreal. And embarassing. I don't know why anyone ever wants to go on those shows. Maybe I don't have that fame gene. I'd just like to be moderately successful selling my stories. I don't need people to recognize me on the street. If you do watch it, why do you? I'm really curious.

Of course, I have to FINISH something first, so enough of this blogging. Gotta get back to writing.


becca said...

As much as I hate (*hate*) reality TV, I have to admit that I sometimes watch it.

Why? you ask. Honestly, it's funny. I find it amusing to watch people act like complete idiots in public, and reality TV is like the Olympics of stupid morons embarrassing themselves in public. I don't watch Survivor or any of that stuff, but I do enjoy an occasional episode of The Apprentice (for having graduated from Harvard/Yale/Princeton, those people couldn't find their ass with two hands and a clue...hell, I have an *English* degree, and I could do a better job in the business world than these morons), and usually the first (and maybe last) episodes of the Bachelor(ette) ones. Just because there's no better place to see people acting stupid. Hell, that stuff is funnier than America's Funniest Home Videos.

But...I have to admit, also, it gets old *very* quickly. And I usually can't make it through an episode anymore. Used to. Now, can't. And not sure that's a bad thing.

The only one that is remotely entertaining to me is "Amazing Race" because they go all over the world and learn things about other cultures and (of course, couldn't miss this...) act like the stupid American tourists we all wish didn't really exist. But they're, for the most part, much more intelligent and interesting than the other mindless prattle on TV these days.

You know what I may end up watching, though. If you happened to see "Super-Size Me", Morgan Spurloch is doing a 'reality' (loose quotes, cuz it's much more real than reality TV) special on FX this summer about other things he will do for 30 days (live on a farm, work for minimum wage, etc.) to get the 'real' scoop on these things. That, I will definitely watch.

Kimberly Pauley said...

Oh yeah, Morgan Spurlock is an entirely different kind of thing. I watched Supersize Me and it was like passing by a car can't look away.

And thanks for the post! I didn't think anyone was reading!

Kim said...

Well, no one likes a wet butt. I hope you're feeling better soon. (And, I thought I was the only one who wrote about butts!)

The only reality show I watch is American Idol. I've only watched this season, but we got hooked. We (my daughters and I) fell in love with the personalities and with rooting for the singers and cheering when Simon said something nice. This season, there were so many strong people, it's been full of great music and fun personalities. With this one, I think people enjoy rooting for someone to achieve one of the many American Dreams. (Then, there's the other people who live for the "Worst of Idol" specials because they love to make fun of people.)