Monday, May 16, 2005

Tequila Updates & Ask Yahoo...Why?

Well, I sent my first draft of the Pepe Lopez content to the guys at Leapfrog Interactive last Thursday and have heard nary a word since then. Ugh. I don't want to go any further with it until I do, to make sure I'm not headed down a totally different path. So, we'll see. I left a message on the guy's voice mail this morning.

In other news...I'm an avid reader of Yahoo's "Ask Yahoo!" section where people write in and ask weird things like How does a word become a swear word? and What's the story behind R.E.M.'s song "What's the Frequency, Kenneth"? Random questions, sometimes random answers, but I learn something new all the time.

Well, today's question was where did the word snob originate from? The answer was interesting enough, but the end of the post was kind of funny...well, sort of. There must be some layoffs going on at Yahoo:
Any other such fascinating queries, please do drop them in the mail. But address the letter to yourself, dear boy, as we'll be summering on the unemployment line, and thus be incommunicado.

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