Wednesday, June 01, 2005

And then this fish swims up to the bar...

Actually, I don't have any thoughts about fish or bars. A completely nonsensical title for today, probably because it is after midnight and way past my bedtime, but I'm up because I was lying in bed and a bunch of thoughts occurred to me for my novel and I figured I'd better write them down before I forgot them (which is what usually happens). So now I've got those down (whew), but I'm still up. Part of it is the whole stupid back/leg pain thing -- even the chiropractor gave up on me today and referred me to a pain management regular doctor. Appt. is tomorrow. My great fear is that he'll tell me that I'm just doomed and that I'll go on feeling like something's constantly stabbing me from here on out.


Some good thoughts on the novel, actually. I didn't get any writing done after my last 1000+ good day since the whole 3 day Memorial Day weekend interrupted. Hubby and I pretty much spent it working around the house and trying to buy wicker furniture from Pier 1. That's harder than you'd think -- they have a terrible distribution system. You can't buy anything big unless you get it from the store, so if they run out, you're just out of luck. I'm like...but don't you want to sell me something??

I should have written some today but I thought that if I didn't get the bathroom clean, I was just going to lose it (there was still sawdust from when they re-did the floors in there). So I was crawling around on my hands and knees with a bucket of water and bleach. Not too good for the back, but I just couldn't take it anymore. I want to feel clean after getting out of a shower. And I got the antique mirror I bought off of Ebay glued back together (ha! he said it couldn't be done!), got dinner made, washed clothes, mailed a bunch of books, and saw the chiropractor.

And then the bad thing...I really shouldn't have done it, but... on a whim last week, I put in a bid for Sims 2 on Ebay. Evil, evil Ebay. I didn't actually think I'd win it because most of the copies were going for more than I put as my max bid. But I did. It came in the mail over the weekend. I finally loaded it on my desktop PC to just "check it out." I am happy to say, at least, that I didn't play for very long. Just long enough to accidentally starve my Sim to death. It's no wonder I don't have kids.

I'm going to have to watch myself. I can get sucked into games way easier than TV or just about anything else. Maybe I'll use it as a reward. Write 1000 words, play a little.

How terrible is it to resort to bribing yourself?


Saundra said...

How terrible is it to resort to bribing yourself?

Hardly terrible at all. Since we don't have middle managers to incentivize us (*gack*) well, heck, self-bribery works!

Kimberly Pauley said...

Hmmmm...maybe I just need to come up with more ways to bribe myself...

Kim said...

I thought of you today when I got a call from some of my old AT&T coworkers (who are with another company now). They are paying me to do some writing for them :-)I always love their little projects. Hope some wanted work is coming your way too!