Saturday, June 04, 2005

Coleridge I'm not

Wowee, the new doctor put me on 3 new medications for my back and it is all I can do to stay awake. The back pain is better, but man...I can't string two thoughts together, much less two sentences. I don't know how anyone ever wrote when they were high on drugs. Hmmm. Maybe I should re-read Kubla Khan now and see if it makes more sense or not.

So, writing has been pretty much non-existent, as has my appetite, so maybe I'll at least lose some weight from all this. Toast is my friend.

The Dr. said I've got ligament and some other doohickey problem running down my leg + the bulging discs. He poked his thumb on one spot and my whole knee just buckled and I almost fell down. "Yep, that's a problem," he says.

Well, yeah.

I've got no balance to speak of. No dancing until dawn for me. Shoot, I couldn't stay awake until dawn if I tried.

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