Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Good & Bad

I actually made it through my list of things to do yesterday. Whoo-hoo! I finished up the Pepe Lopez copy and sent it off (and got an e-mail back today that they like it, yay), wrote a 1,000 or so words in my WIP to bring me to a total of 13,172 words, mailed the books and that check to my sister. A pretty good day.

The bad was that my leg is all sore and still is today. I need the pills to kick in already!

Oh, and I created a Sims family after my own family. Well, not quite, since in the Sims we already have a kid. I'm kind of mad though, I don't think the kid looks very much like us. ;-)

Not sure how today will go since I literally only woke up half an hour ago. Even Tony last night commented on how puffy my eyes were getting. Not feeling my best, that's for sure. I haven't even changed out of my jammies yet.

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