Monday, June 27, 2005

I hate flies

There are now two flies in the parlor. I don't know where the other one came from. One is a humongous fly literally 2 inches long. I didn't know they came that big. He must have flown in from Texas or something. The other one is normal fly size. Both are incessantly buzzing, buzzing, buzzing and running into the windows. I wish the windows in here opened, I might be able to get rid of them. They are driving me insane.

I had a real breakthrough idea on a couple of things this morning. Nathan is going to be a nice guy, not a jerk at all, but it turns out he like's Mina's best friend Serena instead. Aubrey will still be a jerk and George, the good guy, will find the parents that he thought were dead. Sounds like a soap opera, no? Well, I'm not going off the deep end in that direction. I think I can tie everything off nicely. Just had a great scene where the evil A-lister gets her comeuppance. That was fun to write.

You'd think the flies would be interested in exploring other parts of the house. Parts without me in them. But no...

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