Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The plague

Yep, I've got the plague. Or something. Or maybe it's just a gypsy curse. I can't think of any gypsies I've accidentally pissed off, but who knows. I'm not even sure what would piss off a gypsy.

The rashy bit on my leg has now spread to my back, so I'm a regular party girl. The Dr. gave me this medicine-y smelling cream and told me not to scratch. Yeah, okay. Between the smelly cream, the doped-up-ness from the medication, the frumpy comfort clothes and the weird rashes, it's a wonder Tony comes home to me at all. Poor guy.

So far today I've written 500 words. Hopefully more to come. Also intro'd a new character that I wasn't sure I was meaning to, but there he was, quietly waiting in the wings going "Er, excuse me, what about me?" Not sure yet how important he'll be. Who knows. But he's there now.

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