Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sweat is ... gross.

Yesterday I didn't write because it was our 8th anniversary. Tony even stayed home from work as a surprise. Unlucky for him, actually, since the air is still out (hopefully will be fixed today) and we had to wait for the delivery of our wicker furniture (delivery window of 2 - 5 PM...actual arrival... 5:30) so we had to stick around the house instead of going somewhere nice and air conditioned. The first floor is still relatively bearable, but it's getting up there. Somewhere in the 80's.

It's hot.

I'm sweaty. And sticky.

And I probably smell.

Good thing I have allergies, otherwise I'd probably be smelling myself. It's useless to take a shower because, as soon as you step out, you're all sweaty again. And the 2nd (where the shower is) and 3rd floors are way hotter than the 1st floor.

I am going to write today though. Currently at 17,906 I've got to at least hit 18,000 today and hopefully way beyond that. Though I swear I'm practically sticking to the keyboard as I type.

I had grand plans to clean up the parlor and office, but I don't think I can do it unless I can devise some way to attach a fan to my body. I'd leave, but I have to wait for the air conditioner repairman to come back. Please hurry, Mr. Repairman!

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