Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tuesday is my Monday

I totally wasted yesterday away piddling around. Got to get back on track today. My list for today: a) make requested updates to Pepe Lopez copy and send that out, b) work on my WIP [currently at 12,116 words], c) run to the store to get carrots, mushrooms, and pie crust, d) package up books to ship off and mail them, e) write a check to my sister and mail it. I think that's it.

I even took out my CD/DVD Rom drive from the computer (with the Sims 2 disk in it) and plugged in the extra battery instead so it could charge up. Then I'll be all set to go hang out at a coffee house if I so choose. It is kind of a bummer that it's one or the other though. :-( But probably a good thing. If I go hang out in a coffee house or the library, I can't take a break and play. That's a good thing.

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