Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I've been waiting anxiously for my new laptop to show up. Fed Ex came by yesterday and left a notice (I think they must not have knocked, since I was home) and they're supposed to do their 2nd attempt today. Argh. I just know he's going to show up as soon as I head out for my Dr. appointment. It's always either that or I've just gone in the bathroom.

So yesterday, on top of a good writing day, I also waded through over 80 new reader review submissions for the site. I guess it's good that the site has become more popular, but it's a bit of work to keep up with it now. Some of the new reviews were good, some were the normal "OMG!" and "Tha's tha bomb!" type of thing, full of misspellings. But at least they're feeling passionate about a book. Only had a few rotten apples with foul language. I don't know why people bother with that. I only just delete them. And they are never very original.

Today I'm planning on a) more writing, b) at least 3 new reviews on the site, c) getting my new laptop into shape (once it gets here! Agh!). I'm not a very good waiter. That's probably enough in the plan. If I add anything else, I'm liable to not get any of it done. Laundry be damned.

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