Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wishful Thinking

Well, I got totally shut down in my attempts to make friendly conversation with the checkout lady at Kroger's today. It went something like this:

Me: Wow, it sure is nice and hot out today. [smile in a friendly fashion]

Her: [confused look] Whaddaya mean, hot?

Me: [deer in headlights look] Well, I mean, the sun is out and everything...

Her: What, you'd rather it was raining?? [incredulous expression]

Me: Er...

So I guess I won't be trying the weather route anymore. Normally it's pretty safe, but not with Jo Ann, I guess.

Anyway, yesterday was completely wishful thinking on my part as far as my plan for the day. How it really went was like this -
  • Struggle out of bed all dopey on medicine at 7:30 AM to go downstairs and hang out in the parlor so I don't miss the Fed Ex guy
  • Fall asleep on couch
  • 10:00 AM wake up, do some e-mail and piddling around, write one review (Angels in Pink: Kathleen's Story)
  • Noon - drive to the Dr.
  • Wait for an 1 1/2 hours in the tiny waiting room with a crowd of other people and one particular loud mouth woman with two hellions in tow (find out later that they are trying to fit in two weeks of appointments into one week so they can all go on vacation)
  • Have an approximately 5 minute visit with the Dr.
  • Go home and discover that yes, the Fed Ex man did in fact come by when I was gone. But he did happily follow my instructions left on the door and left the laptop by the back door instead of on the front porch for someone to steal
  • ? until 6 PM - Create system backup disks, install 25 Microsoft Updates, Cold Fusion Studio, WS-FTP Pro, The Sims 2 (yeah, I know) and move all files from old laptop to new laptop, including email which didn't at first want to cooperate and only transferred successfully after 5 attempts and 6 Internet searches for help
  • Had dinner with Tony

So, needless to say, no writing was done yesterday. But today, I'm on my new laptop (!) and it has the monster screen. I can see the world! And now that I'm back from the store and all settled in, I plan on actually getting some writing done.

Even though I'm itching to try out some new stuff on the Sims 2... Namely, creating ghosts, which, yes, involves creating Sims and then killing them off by either a) burning them to death, b) drowning them, c) electrocuting them, or d) starving them. Even though they are only little virtual people, I feel very guilty about planning their demise, but the only way to get ghosts is to kill them off. Oh, and I want an alien baby. You can get one of those by having a guy Sim read the Beyond Belief magazine and then stargaze at night until he gets abducted by aliens.

Even reading that back I realize how bizarre it sounds, but there you go, that's my life.

But no Sims until 1,000 words! Or else!

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