Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Well, we're all back from London now (you can read about our adventures on our family blog, if you like: The Pauley's Go to Louisville) I called the Humane Society today to find out about the status of the sweet doggie -- it seems they've given her back to her owner after all, who came and picked her back up and paid the vet bill off. So no sweet doggie for us.

Then I made the HUGE mistake of flipping through their website and looking at all the dogs they have up for adoption (and cats too, but we've already got two, there's just no way). It's enough to make you cry. I'm such a softie. I can't walk into those places, I just get too depressed. You want to take all of them home and you just can't.

So I don't know. We might perhaps get a dog sometime - after all, Tony is a serious dog person and dogs seriously love him (all dogs, I don't know what it is, but they gravitate to him). Now is a tough time, what with him taking on a new job and all the traveling he's going to have to do. And we do already have the cats...it isn't as if we need a dog in any way. I dunno. It's just when they look at you with those eyes of theirs and their furry faces. It's hard.

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