Friday, January 20, 2006

The Sweet Doggie

Yesterday we had some drama...a dog was following Tony down the street and playing around and then ran across the street right as a car came down. Tony called me to help him out and I held the doggie on the sidewalk until Animal Control got there. Such a sweet dog -- she was wagging her tail even as she lay there all bleeding and everything.

Well, I called today to find out how the dog was. Turns out it was a previously adopted dog from the Humane Society and it will not be going back to the previous owner -- who is now claiming to have never even had the dog! The jerk. We gave them our number. It's not like we exactly need a dog, but this was literally the sweetest dog ever. Just not sure how she would be with cats...

Some people should just not have pets. I think that is just terrible.

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