Mystic Messenger!

I've been writing so much stuff about Mystic Messenger that I thought I would organise it instead of having to search for things as I write up even more stuff.

Before this game, I hadn't written anything remotely resembling fan fiction since I was about 14 (and then it was about The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, so there you go, that's me in a nutshell) and here I am scribbling all sorts of random things and taking away from my actual work writing time (okay, maybe not entirely as I try to not interfere with my actual writing...much...and I definitely wouldn't let it interfere with a deadline).

Is this stuff actually fan fiction? Well, some of it--mostly the after ending stuff. Some of it is more like novelisation...whereby I am fleshing out the scenes from within the game and adding additional detail, inner thoughts, alternative POVs, etc. Sort of taking out the visual bits of the otome and turning it into something more like a regular novel. That said, this isn't remotely how I would go about actually writing a book and I'm finding that I include, in a way, more detail than I would if this were an actual story. It's indulgent fiction (also because I'm NOT editing this stuff -- I'm just brain dumping it).

Anyway -- am listing these bits in order of how they'd happen in the story, per character, and not in the order in which I've written them since I'm going back and filling in things now. (fiction-y extrapolation bits marked as FF and too shmexy stuff marked as NSFW).

Lovely Zen

  • Nah, it's a Zen thing - nothing terribly exciting, just first thoughts
  • Zen, Knock, Knock...Who's there? It's Hae... - FF - When Hae and Zen first meet at his apartment, including the rooftop scene
  • A Knight in Shining Armour - FF - When Zen saves Hae from Unknown and the bomb (with help from Hae because my girl ain't no shrinking violet, yo)
  • Alone at Last - FF - At Zen's place, after the rescue (just started, though I know what I'm gonna do and it's not gonna be canon AT ALL because Hae is not gonna be sleeping in the guest room by herself, though if I'm gonna make it fit with the V-Day thing next, it's not gonna go totally shmexypants or heck, maybe I'll just write up another Valentine's Day thing. I dunno yet. We'll see how it goes.)
  • Zen the Night - FF - an alternative Valentine's Day After Ending approximately 2 weeks after the party, slightly shmexy
  • Oppa Zen - FF - an alternative Proposal / After Ending because MC and Zen deserve better

Innocent & Innocuous Yoosung

Sexy But Potentially Crazypants Jumin

Broken Boy Seven

Jaehee (coming soon-ish)

General Thoughts

Laying it all out like this makes it look like Jumin is my favourite, but really it's Zen. It's just that I played him first and didn't have a clue what I was doing and it hadn't even occurred to me to keep a running playthrough. I wish I had though because I'll never do another one like Jumin's because it took WAY too much time. I'd probably say favourite-wise that Jumin comes after Zen, then Seven, then Yoosung (though his after stories are probably the most satisfying as written in the app, weirdly). We'll see where Jaehee ends up once I play her route. 

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