Thursday, February 09, 2006

Things that make me happy...the little ones

  • The little snort-y, snore-y noises that Grace makes when she is sleeping
  • Harley lying (or is that laying?) on his back, his belly (and everything else) out for display, and a look on his face that says "I'm just adorable, aren't I?"
  • Puppies, especially when they tilt their heads to the side
  • Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo (when I was 8, I thought it was the smell of my little sister, but I've since learned that it's actually the baby shampoo that smells all of peach-y goodness)
  • That sweet spot I sometimes hit when I'm cuddling with Tony and my head finds the perfect spot on his chest and his arms are around me and everything is just perfect
  • Cake. I'd be more specific, but really, I just love cake
  • Staring into a fire (but not in an arsonist kind of way, more like a moon-ey, romantic kind of thing)
  • Little kids in big floppy hats
  • Office supplies (yeah, yeah, I know, it's a strange affliction, but at least my sister shares it -- we're both gaga over Staples and Office Depot)
  • The ever-elusive perfect sentence -- when all the words just come out right. If it happens on the first shot, so much the better.
  • Did I mention cake?
  • When someone gets what you're writing about
  • Taking off your socks and shoes after a long day
  • A really ice cold glass of water when it is blazing hot outside
  • Finding a chair that actually fits me and allows me to put my feet on the floor
  • Tony's morning hair
  • Silly, sappy movies that end happy (yeah, yeah, I know The Piano was a good movie and Brokeback Mountain is good for me to see for my social awareness and whatnot, but give me an old Doris Day flick, darn it, I want to feel good about my entertainment sometimes)
  • Re-reading an old favorite and discovering something new
  • Cats purring
  • Little kids playing Pee-wee football wearing those way-too-big uniforms and fumbling the ball all over the place
  • Filing the last piece of paper away (could a genie please stop by my house and file all the rest? Pretty please?)
  • Checking things off my list
  • Typing (doesn't even have to be anything specific, I really do just like to type. Hey, I never said I was normal. I miss my old manual typewriter. I called it George and the clickety-clack of it always relaxed me.)
  • Napping on the couch with a cozy fuzzy blanket

I suppose that's enough for now. I should actually be sleeping, but I've got that know, the one where I know Tony is coming home tomorrow so I just can't seem to get to sleep no matter what I do.

So...tag. Kim P., Pam, Terry, Saundra...whoever's reading. What makes you happy? (and if you're someone I didn't mention, and you're actually going to post your list, please do leave a comment. I'd really like to know what makes you happy. The little things. Not the big ones.)


Terry Miller Shannon said...

Oh, sure, I'll play:

*the perfect cup of coffee (all the sweeter if brought to me in bed by someone who loves me)
*a book that instantly pulls you in, so all you want to do is read it
*making a kid laugh
*kids playing in the sprinkler
*enchiladas: making them and eating them
*writing, and getting into the flow so I entirely lose track of time
*making bread or soup from scratch
*gardening for an entire day alongside my husband
*walking for a long time with a great companion (but not "hiking," which always seems like work)
*our adorable big black pooch, Romeo
*anyone/anything who truly makes me laugh
*reading in bed at night
*transforming an old house, bit by bit
*playing Scrabble with someone who's an even match
*cooking (but only if I'm in the mood)
*meandering through plant nurseries
*giving or getting a surprise gift that is a little bit quirky but entirely perfect
*having anyone I love tell me they love me (or just hugging me), totally spontaneously
*watching a movie in a theater with a huge bucket of fresh popcorn
*eating an artichoke
*going to the library and loading up with books I can't wait to read
*walking the garden daily to see what's new
*reading a picture book to a child, and having him/her say, "Again!" when we hit the end
*my ancient blue robe that I bought at a garage sale for 25 cents a lonnnng time ago, but that still fits me perfectly and never fails to make me feel cozy

Thanks! That was fun . . .I kept thinking of new things (I loved reading yours, too.)

Kimberly Pauley said...

Yep -- it's hard to stop. You made me think of another big one -- walking through an open air market, especially the ones they have in Europe that have everything.

Terry Miller Shannon said...

I've been through those. They are so cool.

Also: waking up to frogs singing in the morning.

And: sunshine in February, when you least expect it!

Okay. I'm going to stop now.