Wednesday, August 31, 2005

And that's all she wrote

Well, I'm done. I have finished my first book. 56,080 words. Of course, I've already thought of 2 scenes I want to add in during revision...and who knows what I'll find once I actually read back over the thing. Some of it I haven't looked at in ages.

But it is done. Whoo-hoo! Dance of Joy! So, anyone that wanted to help be a reader, drop me your email at . And I seriously do want your honest thoughts. If you think it sucks rocks, then tell me. If you hate the heroine, tell me. If you hate me, well, you can just darn well keep that to yourself.


Saundra said...


Congratulations, congratulations, I am so thrilled for you!!! The first one is the hardest and the most satisfying to finish! I am tooting horns and bouncing around madly in your honor!

Muhammed Saboor said...

Hopefully i will be finished by next week i just started it its moving pretty smooth so far. This is so exciting!! I will try to contain my girlish excitement.