Monday, August 22, 2005

As I suspected

Well, as I suspected, setting up the new router is a pain. I got the Internet connection up and running fairly quickly, but it won't let me change any of the admin settings, so I haven't been able to change any of the defaults or set up encryption. Grrrrr. Trying out an online chat with Linksys representative 'SabariD (55060)' now, but they've sat there for a good five minutes not saying anything.

It's a stupid, stupid thing...the router just won't recognize any password, including the default one. Sometimes I'm not sure if technology is good for us or not...


Muhammed I forgot my password at school login name said...

Bang it with a hammer, that works but sometimes they break. There is a 50/50 probablity, something will happen. I just couldn't say for sure that it would work or not.

Whatever you do don't run over it with a car, they always break after that.

Kimberly Pauley said...

I've come to the conclusion that electronics like a man's touch. All Tony had to do was come home and I thought 'oh, what the heck, I'll try resetting it ONE MORE TIME' and it worked. I guess a male just had to be in close proximity.