Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Frozen Coffee Drinks = Good

I hung out at the coffee house for a good 3 hours until it got too hot in there to stay any longer (their air conditioning leaves a lot to be desired). And I wound up writing around 2,500 words, so I'm at 38,483. Yippee! That makes up for yesterday and covers today. I also had to leave because I was on a total sugar / caffeine high and about to go into an involuntary jitterbug. I don't usually drink soda or coffee, so I was as wired as a tightrope walker with no safety net.

Note to Self: I must limit myself to only one frozen coffee drink per day. No exceptions. No, really, I don't care how good that caramel crunch looks. Put your wallet away! Agggghhh!

And the best thing is I made it all the way through the darn double date scene. Yay!! Cartwheels of Joy! Handstands of Happiness!

It worked out fairly well in the end and I even got to throw in some truth or dare action, which I hadn't planned on, but George (the good guy) insisted on tossing caution to the wind. He's got a secret agenda, that one. First he insinuates himself in the book after being introduced only as a minor (very minor) character. And here he is making demands.

I also met an older lady (Lynn) that crochets, paints, and writes (autobiographical fiction) and a theater person (Marissa) moving here from Texas and/or Louisiana (a little unclear on this point) who also knits. Next time I'll have to bring my knitting along too (it didn't occur to me today, being the middle of summer and REALLY FREAKING HOT). Other than that, I think everyone else hanging out was either a) a lesbian or b) a student or c) both. Justin was the coffee house guy's name. He makes a mean frozen mocha.

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