Sunday, August 07, 2005

That's nice

For the first time, I've had someone who earned a book ask that I donate the book to a local orphan's home or public library rather than send it to them. Nice. Definitely a first. I do try to donate some to those type of places every year myself. I think it was last year I got HarperCollins to give me a box of books to give out to disadvantaged school kids during the Teach In.

I got some writing done today while I was sitting outside with the yard sale junk. Up to 39,549. So almost 40,000 words. Should hit that tomorrow. Would have gotten more except that a) I'm chatty and b) it was freakin' hot (and the laptop gets hot on your lap too). We did okay with the yard sale - $140ish. Most of that was one item, but hey. We're going to put it towards a new KitchenAid stand mixer.

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Saundra said...


And you also rock, you're almost 80% done! Your book WILL be done by the end of August! You rbook will be done by the end of August! Chant with me! No, go write. We can chant later!!