Here's my reviews/musings of the otome games since I became obsessed...other than Mystic Messenger, which is such an obsession that it has a page of it's own...yeesh.

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I've re-ordered this list so that the most recently posted things are at the top.
Except for stuff that's a continuation of an existing post...
And there are so many Love 365 write ups that it has its own section...
So, yeah, not really organised at all. I have no consistency. Eh, whatever.

Warning: these reviews were written for my own personal use/memories and therefore will be potentially spoiler-y and possibly swear-y.

Love 365 (mobile)
Mobile and Steam

Backlog to review:
  • Choices / Episode 
  • Roomates
  • Lovestruck
  • Liar!
  • Is it Love: Matt
  • Shadowtime
  • The Arcana
  • Cinderella Phenomenon
  • Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds

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